The Protocol on partnership cooperation for support, care and assistance to patients at the end of life and assistance to their families in the municipality of Orasje was signed on 29.5.2019 in the premises of the Primary health center of Orasje. The Protocol states that the Contracting Parties undertake the responsibility to cooperate, to provide assistance and support to patients suffering from incurable diseases and their families, in accordance with their capabilities and available resources. In addition, each partner shall designate a person in charge of communication and coordination with other signatories to this Protocol with the aim of carrying out activities and care for these patients and their families.

The Protocol was signed for a period of 12 months and entered into force on the day of signing. It was verified by the representatives of eight relevant municipal and cantonal institutions: the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Policy, the Municipality of Orasje, the Health Insurance Fund, the Primary Health Care Center Orašje, the Center for Social Work Orašje, the Red Cross Orašje, Merhamet Orašje and the Polyclinic “Sunce”, Orašje. The Orasje Municipality hereby undertakes responsibility to coordinate and periodically organize meetings with all the signatories to the Protocol with the aim of improving the functioning and sustainability of the partner network. The Orasje Health Center,  Fondacija fami  and the University Hospitals in Geneva have launched this initiative, which will be integrated into the ProSes Project in BiH, which is also implemented by the Foundation Fami.