Mirza Jahic, Tuzla

PhD student at the Nursing Faculty in Sarajevo
Training Associate for nurse education at the Department for Scientific Research and Professional Development of the University Clinical Center Tuzla

I chose this profession as a result of my love for people, my desire to help those with health problems and the feeling it creates in return.

During my graduate studies, I have developed skills for writing research papers in the field of nursing. After my studies, I plan to continue developing as a lecturer and pass the acquired theoretical and practical knowledge onto younger colleagues.

In my opinion it is necessary to introduce certain changes in nurse education. First of all, to increase the number of hours of practical training that would help to develop practical technical skills.

I reckon that the Strengthening Nursing in BIH project should continue to support nurse education and training in a way it have so far. I expect the local authorities to get involved and support the nurse education in the same or similar way, as well as to do everything possible to create employment opportunities in BIH for the nurses with university diplomas.