Version 2017 of the safety and quality standards for PHCC’s of the FBiH Agency for Healthcare Quality and Accreditation included 15 standard operative procedures (SOP) for the nursing processes previously developed within the ProSes.

The former version of the safety and quality standards for the PHCC's (rev. 2012) contained no unique and separated section for nursing practice standards. On the other hand, the study implemented by the ProSes in 2014 showed only a few BH health care institutions applying the written nursing practice SOP's due to lack of systematic approach to the development of the health care SOP.

Having the nursing SOP's integrated into the safety and quality standards for PHCC's, the a/m SOP's have been made available to the nursing staff employed with the institutions providing primary health care services in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBH). In other words, they are now obligatory for FBH public health care centres as part of the developing and maintaining the existing safety and quality system for the health care services.

The below 15 nursing procedures are in the 3.88 certification criterion for the field of nursing:

1. Procedure for making and changing appointments
2. Procedure for treating minor burns
3. Procedure for measuring bodily weight and height, and calculating the BMI
4. Standard procedure for medicine application – 5 rules
5. Procedure for drawing medicine out of a vial
6. Procedure for vein pathway establishing
7. Procedure for intramuscular medicine application
8. Procedure for subcutaneous medicine application
9. Procedure for pulse measuring
10. Procedure for blood pressure measuring
11. Procedure for blood sugar measuring
12. Procedure for ECG recording
13. Procedure for measuring the bodily temperature
14. Procedure for catheterization
15. Procedure for sterilisation

By providing further support for developing new SOP's and preparing a manual that will incorporate all the previously developed
SOP's and be presented to the CEO's and the nurses at all PHCC's in the FBH, the Project keeps on assisting the process of unification and standardization of rendering the nursing services with the final goal of improving the safety, quality and efficiency of the health care.