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During a five-month period, from May to September 2015, clinical mentorship will be organized for 40 Family Medicine Nurses in the Community participating in ProSes pilot project in Bijeljina... read more!         The third symposium with international participation titled „Recognition of nursing practice in the healthcare system“ was organized in Mostar on 14-15th May 2015... read more!
The Constitutional Assembly of the Resource Center for Professional Development of Nurses in Republika Srpska was held on April 4, 2015 on Jahorina... read more!         ProSes supported participation of four representatives from the nursing study programs of Banjaluka and of Tuzla in the study visit to the Faculty of Health Care of the University of Presov in Slovakia... read more!
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ProSes has organized several workshops on nursing associations and chambers in the period from May to November 2013 that included more than 40 participants, mainly nurses, from all healthcare levels and all regions and cantons of BiH... read more!         ProSes supports the training of nurses in quality and safety related to nursing practice. The training is part of ProSes Component 1 activities focusing on improved recognition and quality of nursing... read more!
The Federal Nursing Chamber was officially established on 27th June 2014 in Bihać. During the Inaugural Assembly attended by 40 out of 60 nominated candidates from FBiH cantons, the Chamber's President and Vice-president, the President and the Vice-president of the Chamber’s Assembly and the members of the Steering Board were elected... read more!         The Nursing Association of the Federation of BiH was re-registered on 1 August 2014. The Association will play a major role in representing and raising awareness of nurses and nursing, promoting excellence in practice, and shaping health policies... read more!
Seventeen nurses from all over the Republika Srpska have started in October 2014 with a full year training in quality and safety with the goal of improving the standardization and quality of nursing care for the population of the Republika Srpska... read more!         Nursing standards, guidelines and protocols help to improve the quality of nursing care by articulating consistent approaches for best practice. They serve to improve and standardise patient/client care, provide guidance for practitioners on appropriate parameters of care, facilitate effective staff induction, and act as educational tools and as a basis for audit and evaluation of care... read more!