Public education in nursing

Quality service provision requires educated and competent nurses. That can be achieved by strengthening BIH education system, which will be accomplished by supporting the reform of secondary nurse education in public nursing high schools, aligning nursing study programs with EU standards, building teaching capacities by encouraging graduate nurses to enter the second and third education cycle, and developing strategies to introduce nurse specialist programs.

The Fifth Round of Scholarships for Master’s and Doctoral Studies in Nursing

The fifth round of scholarships for master’s and
doctoral studies in nursing ended this year with the awarding of scholarships to 26 nurses.

Article in BMC Nursing

Modern and active learning methods form an important part in the education of nursing
students. They encourage the development of communication and critical thinking skills, and ensure the safe health care of patients.

One More Round of Clinical Mentors Training Completed

Due to the great interest and need, additional training round was organized for clinical skills mentors at nursing studies.