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FONDACIJA FAMI is a foundation, registered with the Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and has taken over a full responsibility for FaMI Project implementation  since October 1, 2007., and currently is part of the consortium that implements the project "Strengthening nursing in Bosnia and Herzegovina" (ProSes).

is the improvement of the quality and quantity of health and social care provided to the population of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the support to all the segments of the health and social care system, as well as their linking in order to achieve better accessibility, comprehensiveness and continuity of health and social care.

THE SWISS GOVERNMENT has been since 1998. providing financial and technical support to the health system in Bosnia and Herzegovina by implementing family medicine through the Project of Family Medicine Implementation in Bosnia and Herzegovina (FaMI Project) and from 2012. through the project "Strengthening of Nursing in Bosnia and Herzegovina "(ProSeS).

THE FAMI PROJECT moved in 2001 from the phase of supporting the primary health care reform through additional education of health workers into the phase of family medicine implementation that, aside from the continuation of the education, added the creation of favourable conditions for practical implementation of newly gained knowledge and skills in family medicine practices. Since 1999, besides other outcomes, four centres for additional and continuous education of health workers have been formed; 811 doctors and nurses successfully completed the additional education in family medicine, 161 family medicine units have been reconstructed and/or equipped with medical equipment and furniture, and 20 percent of territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been covered with the activities. FaMI Project was realized with expert assistance of Geneva University Hospitals and implemented through two project offices in Sarajevo and Doboj.

After supporting and financing the FaMI Project through “Fondacija fami” in the period from 2008. until the end of 2010., the Swiss government has decided to continue to support the project "Strengthening nursing in Bosnia and Herzegovina" (ProSes) - Phase I, between October 2012. until the end of September 2016.

ProSeS PROJECT aims to make a sustainable contribution to better health outcomes in BiH by improving the quality and effectiveness of nursing services, in particular at primary health care level, and by increasing access to nursing services for vulnerable groups. The Project is developed and implemented by a consortium of BiH and Swiss partners, consisting of: Fondacija fami (BiH), the University Hospitals of Geneva, Division of International and Humanitarian Medicine (HUG), and the Institute of Nursing Science of the University of Basel (INS).

THE OVERALL GOAL OF THE PROJECT is that in next four years to contribute to the provision of accessible, efficient and equal health care for the population of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the areas the project is covering.  In order to achieve specific project purpose of improved quality and access to nursing services, ProSes thus combines interventions in these three areas (Project Components): 1) nurse regulation and recognition; 2) community nursing expansion and outreach to vulnerable groups; 3) formal university-level nurse education.

of major importance are BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs, entity and cantonal ministries of health, ministries of education and other relevant ministries, nurses associations and chambers, patient associations and other civil society organizations, nursing faculties, public health institutes, health insurance funds, primary health care centres, hospitals, centres for social welfare, training centres, health care accreditation agencies, gender centres, etc.

THE PRIMARY beneficiaries of the project
are health professionals from the primary and secondary health care level, representatives of the social welfare, educational and civil society sectors, stakeholders, through continuous professional development and advocacy.

THE FINAL beneficiaries of the project are the beneficiaries of the health care services (in the regions and cantons in which the project is being implemented), as well as the population indirectly included through the activities of prevention and health promotion. Special care is paid to poor and marginal groups through the activities of the community nurse. Through dissemination of good practices the project will have some inlfuence also on the other actors of the society.