Kenan Galijasevic, Zenica

PhD student at the Faculty of Health Studies in Sarajevo
Senior Teaching Assistant at the Nursing Study Program at the Medical Faculty, University in Zenica

I chose this profession solely out of love for this vocation. During my undergraduate studies, I was already involved in teaching as a Peer Learning Assistant and after completing my master's degree I became a Senior Teaching Assistant. Work with students navigated me towards theories of nursing as a newer scientific discipline in our region.

During the second and third study cycle, I adopted certain skills and competencies that primarily relate to modern nursing care and the knowledge transfer methods in the field of nursing. After completing my doctoral studies, I plan to remain at the faculty and continue to progress and evolve academically.

In my opinion, there have been a number of positive changes at all levels on nurse education in BIH. In the first place I refer to the revised curricula for undergraduate studies in the field of nursing care at the public colleges, including increased number of clinical training hours. The Strengthening Nursing in BIH project has made a big step forward. By actively supporting faculties and individuals, it has changed the image of the nursing practice and education in our country.

My wish is to see the nursing care in BIH recognized and valued as a scientific discipline and the nurses, as the largest group of health care professionals, enabled to contribute to the development of the health system with their knowledge and skills.

I expect the local authorities to conduct post classification at all levels of health care as soon as possible. That would allow nurse diplomas recognition, leading to clearly defined duties and tasks of their posts. I also expect that the majority of nurses working at the primary health care level will be Bachelor’s degree holders in the near future. This would enable the launch of a larger number of prevention programs led by undergraduate nurses and ultimately, an improved quality of primary health care.