Red Cross of Orasje and its volunteers are important part of the Orasje Community Partner Network in End of Life Care and Support project run by Fondacija fami and Geneva University Hospitals (HUG).

Red Cross of Orasje have started home care project at the beginning of 2019. The project involves care at home for elderly and needy population of Orasje municipality. The project engages 24 volunteers, some on regular, some on irregular base. Some of the services they provide are: feeding, preparation of meals, cleaning, ironing, paying bills, getting grocery, escort to health institutions, spending time and reading to beneficiary, take care that they use therapy ,  psycho-social support, etc.

All volunteers had basic education program conteining education about: first aid, approach to client and basic maners while in home visits. In order to help the Red Cross and its volunteers in their work with the terminally ill patients, the EOLCS project organized a two-days training of volunteers. The training took place at premises of Red Cross Orasje on 19th and 20th of September 2019. The trainers were local doctor and nurse, social workers and expert in communication.