Education of Volunteers in Orasje

Red Cross of Orasje and its volunteers are important part of the Orasje Community
Partner Network in End of Life Care and Support project run by Fondacija fami and Geneva University Hospitals (HUG). 

Signing of the Protocol on Cooperation in the Municipality of Orasje

The Protocol on partnership cooperation for support, care and assistance to patients at the end of life and assistance to their families in the
municipality of Orasje was signed on 29.5.2019 
in the premises of the Primary health
center of Orasje. 

Working Group Meeting in Orasje

The third Working group meeting in End of Life Care and Support (EOLCS) project was
held on 5th February 2019 in Orasje. 

Interviews with terminally ill patients

During the exploratory phase we used
individual semi-structured interviews with patients to hear from their experience  and to explore their perceived needs and expectations.

Education of medical staff in Primary Health Care Centre of Doboj

The training for nurses and doctors in end of life/palliative care was jointly conducted face to face in Doboj Educational Centre from 17-22
June 2018.