Nurses professional environment

Nurses professional environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be improved via regulatory mechanisms which, among the rest,
include forming live register of nurses’ work force, developing standard operating procedures and obligatory nursing documentation for all levels of health care, expanding the existing list of nursing services and supporting development of nurses associations.

Establishment of Nursing Workforce Information System

At the session held on 10 February 2022 the Government of the Republika Srpska has
been acquainted and adopted the
information on the development of nursing
workforce information system.

Leading role of Nurse Associations in Continuous Professional Development and in the Crisis Situations Response

Continuous professional development is essential to maintain and improve individual competencies and nurse practice in general. Nurse associations play an important role in this providing to nurses the opportunities for professional development.

Emergency Life Support Training

Early recognition of cardiac arrest and timely initiation of resuscitation can significantly improve the survival rate and outcomes for
the survived patients.