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Personal stories of nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic

Milojka Loncar

Milojka Loncar is a nurse at the Primary Health Care Center Derventa and one of the trainees at the training organized by ProSes. She
believes that resourcefulness and promptness are traits of particular importance for community nurses working in the field. Despite the pandemic, she continued providing care to her patients and making home visits, while applying necessary precautions and using personal protective equipment. She uses every
opportunity to refresh her knowledge and learn something new.

Samira Sejdinovic

Eleven years of work in health care have helped Samira Sejdinović, a community nurse from the Primary Health Care Center Tuzla, to overcome her own fears and find strength to fight the adversity such as the corona virus pandemic.
She and her colleagues give their best and they welcome any kind of support. Samira wonders if a pandemic had to happen to understand how important the nursing profession is.

Julija Barisic

Julija Barisic works as a community nurse in
Primary Health Care Center in Tomislavgrad. Even after 27 years of service she
still loves her job and does it with the same motivation as at the beginning of
her carrier.

Tea Konta

Tea Konta is a nurse, just like her grandmother
was. Currently she works as the Head of Community Nursing at the Primary
Healthcare Center (PHCC) Livno. At the beginning of the pandemic outbreak each
new day was a new challenge. Although working under extraordinary circumstances is slowly becoming a routine nowadays, caution and adherence to preventive measures
are still required.

Tatjana Mikic

Tatjana Mikic is a community nurse at the
Primary Health Care Center Prnjavor.
She considers her profession not only a
job, but a vocation that requires love for people.

Branka Janjic

As a community nurse, Branka Janjic is close to and familiar with her patients. Owing to that, she manages to calm their anxiety about the current pandemic. She believes that adequate personal protective equipment and timely awareness of health workers, as well as individual awareness, responsible behaviour and thoughtfulness, are crucial to successfully fight against this or any other similar crisis.

Milijana Rubin

Milijana Rubin is the charge nurse at the Family
Medicine Department of the Primary Health Care Centre Prijedor. Thanks to the support of her parents and husband, as well as the love for her profession, colleagues and co-citizens, she was able to be fully engaged during the
COVID-19 pandemic.

Hamid Mahmutovic 

Hamid Mahmutovic is a nurse working in the Community Nursing Department of the Primary Health Care Centre Vitez. He believes that
mutual support and respect are quintessential in day-to-day work with patients, but also in the current crisis. He expects from health authorities to invest more in the health sector, particularly in health professionals.

Zdenka Lujic

Zdenka Lujic work as a community nurse in the Primary Health Care Centre Odzak. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, she has been assigned the role of “the person in charge of COVID-19”. There is a lot to be done and stress and physical exhaustion are present, but love for her job and the gratitude of patients give her the strength to endure.

Mirza Hodzic

Mirza Hodzic is a nurse working in Brcko. For him, it is not the first time to be in an emergency
situation, as he has been working in the health system for many years. Even in the face of current hardships, he is trying to do his job as best as possible, so the patients are satisfied with his services. When he notices fear in his
patients, he tries to talk to them and give them faith for a better tomorrow.

Tatjana Milanovic Lajic

Tatjana Milanovic Lujic is a nurse working in Banjaluka at the Intensive Care Clinic of the University Clinical Centre of the Republika Srpska. She is in direct contact with people infected with SARS-CoV-2 virus. Among them are elderly people with dementia who can be very difficult to deal with due to their disease, but also children who see health workers dressed in protective suits as cartoon heroes.

Nemanja Ninic

Men are still far less represented among nurses than women. Nemanja Ninic from Banjaluka is one of those who have chosen nursing as their profession. He is working at the Non-Surgical Intensive Clinic of the University Clinical Centre of the Republika Srpska in Banja Luka. He believes that for a nurse nowadays the most important thing is to be responsible towards oneself, patients and the team they work with.

Lala Tomic

Lala Tomic is a community nurse in the Primary Health Care Centre (PHCC) Mostar. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way of living and working for us all, including Lala. Besides conscientiousness and self-sacrifice, Lala believes that good mental and physical health of health professionals is quintessential, as they are on the front lines combating the virus.

Sandra Milosevic

Sandra Milosevic is a nurse working at the Primary Health Care Centre (PHCC) Bijeljina. She is currently carrying out triage of patients at the PHHC and working shifts in the quarantine where people infected with the new coronavirus are placed. Though that task is not easy and involves its risks, Sandra is proud to be able to help her fellow citizens. She is motivated by strong will, moral and human values that have not been lost during the pandemic.