A representative of ProSes Aldina Bukva-Mahmutovic, Pillar Two Manager, participated in a two-day workshop on improving maternal health by implementing the methodology Beyond the Numbers, organized by United Nations Population Fund on 12-13 December 2017.

Maternal and newborn health is one of the most significant indicators of a state’s welfare and public health care. Notably, the majority of mortality cases can be averted with proper medical intervention. WHO innovative methodology – ‘’Expanding Beyond the Numbers: reviewing maternal deaths and complications to make pregnancy safer” envisages introducing clinical audit as a tool for healthcare quality monitoring and timely detection of pregnancy related risks to ensure safe motherhood. WHO/UNFPA has assisted introduction of this approach in 14 European countries.

The workshop aimed to have decisions makers and health professional reach a consensus on the best approach to the implementation of the methodology in BiH, next steps and an action plan. Representatives of the BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs, entity ministries of health, professional chambers, health professionals in the field of gynaecology and midwifery, representatives of agencies for quality in health and other health professionals.

Fondacija Fami i UNFPA imaju potpisan sporazum o saradnji i već su imali zajedničke aktivnosti u oblasti edukacije medicinskih sestara/tehničara u zajednici o seksualnom i reproduktivnom zdravlju.

Additional information:

WHO innovative methodology - Expanding Beyond the Numbers - PDF document.