Clinical mentors nurses employed at nursing study departments at BIH public faculties, have an important role in training nursing students to apply practical knowledge and skills with patients. For successful knowledge transfer to students, mentors have to be knowledgeable not only about nursing care, but also about the learning process and communication in adult education.

To that end, ProSes is organizing training for 18 nursing clinical mentors from all the nine public faculties with nursing studies. The objective of the training is to build the skills of participants – nurses working as clinical mentors, to use different methods and instruments and gender-responsive principles in adult education process, needed in their work.

The training is based on the Curriculum for Training of Trainers of Clinical Mentors developed in ProSes Phase 1. It consists of 34 classes, divided in the following sessions:

1.  Adult education, learning styles and processes (4 classes)
2. Adult education methods (8 classes)
3.��Visualization and presentation (4 classes)
4. Communication as a method in adult education (4 classes)
5. The importance and methods of evaluation in adult education (3 classes)
6. Clinical mentor (10 classes)
7. Gender (1 class)

The first part of the training took place in May 2019 in Sarajevo, while the second part will be organized in June in Zenica and the third in September in Banjaluka. Upon the completion, the trainers will be equipped to train clinical mentors for working with students.