Livno was a host town for the meeting of the representatives of the Livno County Hospital "Dr. fra Mihovil Sučić", Primary Health Care Center Tomislavgrad, Primary Health Care Center Livno and Fami Fondation. This was also an occasion to hold the first meeting of the working groups for validation of the book of competences. Among other things, the participants discussed further actions, nursing profession and guidelines for improvement of the nursing profession.

The "book of competences" was developed under the project's support and it contains all necessary capabilities and skills that nurses must acquire in order to be certified/licensed and authorized to practice. This list will enable harmonization of nursing curricula and revision of nurses’ job descriptions.

The Strengthening Nursing in Bosnia and Herzegovina project up to now, jointly with its partners, implemented a number of activities that are directly related to the development of the book of professional competencies in nursing. These activities mostly relate to  standardization of nursing practice at all levels of health care in FBiH, and include: developement of the manuals of standard operating procedures, set of basic nursing documentation and nomenclature of nursing services.

Developing the book of professional competencies in nursing was a step further in regulating the nursing profession, which will allow all nursing services to focus on a patient as a partner in the decision-making process, adequate planning of the nursing care, creation of a setting for critical reflection and provision of nursing services in line with professional requirements.

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooprataion's (SDC) ten-year commitment to strengthening of the nursing profession in Bosnia and Herzegovina resulted in a number of successful achievements. With the continuous support of numerous partners, especially from the health sector, conditions for further improvement in nursing have been created. Regardless of the achieved results, it is necessary to invest additional efforts to integrate the project results into the system, that is, into daily nursing practice.