The Strengthening Nursing in Bosnia and Herzegovina project, through component B, provides support to its key partners in the implementation of activities that improve the provision of community nursing services and increase their accessibility, especially for vulnerable and socially excluded groups of the population.

In the coming four years, the ProSes project will establish cooperation with 20 new municipalities in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to support their efforts to introduce/improve community nursing services.

The Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH) is currently in a selection process of 20 new municipalities. With the support of the project, the FMoH had organized workshops/public consultations for representatives of all primary health care centers, cantonal ministries of health, cantonal public health institutes and cantonal health insurance funds in the Federation of BiH.

Considering the great number of participants, two workshops were held on 20th and 21st March 2023 in Sarajevo for 160 representatives.

The key objective of the workshops was to present the selection criteria for the new 20 municipalities/primary health care centers that will participate in the activities focusing on the improvement of the provision of community nursing services. The so far achieved key project results and the planned activities were also presented. The representatives of the primary health care centers already supported by the project, shared their experiences and achieved results in the field of community nursing in their municipalities.

The concept and planned activities of "Community of practice in the field of community nursing", which brings together municipalities, health and social professionals who share aspirations to provide basic health and social services to the citizens of BiH endeavoring to ensure sustainability and further improvement of community nursing services, was also introduced at the workshop.