An action plan for community nursing improvement in 10 municipalities of Zenica–Doboj Canton (Kakanj, Olovo, Maglaj, Vares, Zepce, Usora, Breza, Doboj-South, Tesanj and Zenica) was presented at the round table organized at the Training Center of Primary Health Care Center Zenica. The participants also shared their experiences related to community nursing, the challenges they face as well as recommendations for improvement.

During phases 1 and 2, the Project supported key partners in the development of community nursing services in 12 municipalities in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Project activities, among other things, included organization of additional trainings for nurses in community nursing, procurement of necessary equipment for provision of community nursing services and for community nursing departments in primary health care centers.

In the current phase 3, the Project will provide full support for the expansion of this model in additional 48 municipalities/primary health care centers in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina that expressed their enthusiasm to improve community nursing services for their population.

Thanks to the fact that Zenica Primary Health Care Center recently became the first training center for additional education in community nursing in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the implementation of project activities, primarily additional trainings in community nursing, in the area of Zenica - Doboj Canton will begin this year.