Training "Communication in Healthcare" for Head Nurses of Primary Health Care Center Canton Sarajevo, organized by Fami Foundation and the Federal Ministry of Health, was held in Sarajevo from 9 -12 November, 2023. Bringing along their positive energy and motivation, the nurses showed their interest to deepen their knowledge.

Well-known lecturers and experts in communication in healthcare, Dr. Goran Cerkez, Assistant Federal Minister of Health, Irina Rizvanovic, psychologist/psychotherapist, Prof. Dr. Nermina Mujagic and Zlatan Persic, shared their knowledge and experience during these four days of training. They also provided numerous exercises and workshops related to this topic.

During these four days, the most discussed were: what is communication, to what extent we communicate by words, to what through informal channels, body language, facial expression, smile, character? Why and how is communication with patients important for treatment outcomes? How to improve internal communication in teams?

Given that nurses spend the most time with patients, it is very important that they strengthen their communication skills.

As a part of the Component C of Strengthening Nursing in BiH project that covers the development of managerial and leadership skills of nurses, trainings are regularity conducted to help strengthen nurses' managerial skills.