IT equipment donated to public faculties with health studies

The project has donated IT equipment to five higher education institutions with master’s study programs in nursing/health sciences in Banjaluka, East Sarajevo, Mostar, Sarajevo and Zenica. The sets of equipment, each containing two laptops, a data projector, a copier and two external hard disks, will be used by master’s degree students in their scientific research. 

The equipment is a part of wider project support to the improvement of the academic training of nurses in BIH. The project has already assisted the first and second cycle study curricula revision and their alignment with the European Union directives and

Furthermore, clinical skills labs were equipped so that students can practice diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and nurse interventions in real work environment. Thus, they are getting prepared for clinical practice in health facilities and the provision of professional and efficient nursing care.

The ongoing reforms and adjustments in nurse education ensure continuous upgrade of their knowledge and skills needed for response to everyday challenges in practice and health needs of the beneficiaries.