Following the official approval of the second, four-year project phase in December 2017, the proposal of activity plan for 2018 was prepared. Together with representatives of the Donor (Swiss Government) and Fondacija fami that is mandated to implement the project, representatives of the following relevant institutions participated in a two-day workshop held on Vlasic on 1-2 February: RS Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, FBiH Ministry of Health, FBiH Ministry of Education and Science, RS Ministry of Education and Culture, Department for Health and Other Services and Department for Education of Brcko District Government, and BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs.

The proposal of the activity plan will be submitted for adoption to the project Steering Committee in March 2018.

In Phase 2, ProSes will continue to support the improvement of nursing professional environment and provision of safe and high-quality services, access to community nursing care for the vulnerable and socially-excluded, and improvement of nurse education in public higher and secondary educational institutions.