The International Nurses Day was marked by numerous nursing associations in BiH in different ways: by launching voluntary check-ups of blood sugar level and blood pressure and educating citizens about healthy life style, holding professional lectures for their members and organizing conferences.

FaMi Fondation has also joined the global campaign initiated by the International Council of Nurses (ICN), through the project Strengthening of Nursing in BiH along with nurses, students of nursing and the citizens in many BiH cities, health care institutions, faculties, nursing associations, ministries of health. In this way we have supported the important role that nurses have in exercising one of the human rights – the right to health.

The International Nurses Day is celebrated on 12 May each year on the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth, an English nurse and the founder of modern nursing in the world. This year’s theme and slogan is: Nurses a Voice to Lead – Health is a Human Right.

Health and the ability to access health care, is a human right. A functional health system available to all and primarily focused on patients and not the diseases or economic efficiencies, is a requisite for a realization of that right. The nurses are the key actors in the process of transformation of the health care and health care system, so that no one is neglected and without access to health care services.

In comparison to the rest of the health care workers, nurses spend the most time with their patients and their families and are, therefore, familiar with their “life stories“ i.e. situations and circumstances that might influence their health and wellbeing. Each patient has his/her own story and each story has a potential to improve the health care system. The insight and the knowledge that nurses have can enable the reassessment and improvement of the way the health care system functions. They are the key link to achieve that all, regardless of where they are and what their environment is like, can effectuate their right to health.

ICN is inviting nurses from all over the world to share their experiences. The case studies should be related to some of the Sustainable Development Goals and encourage nurses to compare their experience with others. Interesting and innovative examples in which nurses find solutions to ensure health care available, accessible, affordable and acceptable to all are sought for. Case reports can be sent via following link:
The numerous stories about nurses' initiatives that came from all over the world can be found on ICN's web page:

We wish you a happy International Nurses Day!.