In order to adequately care for the health of citizens belonging to their family medicine teams, nurses need comprehensive training in community nursing. Along with proper theoretical knowledge, practical experience and clinical skills are the most important segments of their professional development.

The Strengthening Nursing in BIH (ProSes) project has so far supported additional training and provided medical and computer equipment for 252 nurses from 14 BIH municipalities. By the middle of next year, nurses from eight more BIH towns will be trained. The training was led by local trainers and several experts from the Geneva University Hospitals.

Moreover, the project supported the training needs assessment, preparation and implementation of a specific training for prominent nurses, in order to expand the existing network of local trainers and mentors in community nursing.

The training package for training of trainers on adult education skills in the field of community nursing consists of 16 modules. Some of the topics covered are adult learning styles, training methods and techniques, group dynamics, training planning and preparation, communication processes, etc.

During July and August 2021, a seven-day training of trainers in community  nursing, divided into two parts, was completed by 10 nurses from four primary healthcare centers (PHCC): Derventa, Prnjavor, Teslic and Doboj. Training of the same content will continue in other PHCCs where ProSes supports the development and improvement of community nursing services. An enriched network of local trainers will enable further expansion of trainingin community nursing and the sustainability of the results achieved so far.

Furthermore, a seven-module package for training on supervision/mentoring was prepared, as well as a training package for palliative care that is an important part of community nursing. Training in these specific areas of work will follow in the coming period as well.